July 19, 2019

Bands to Watch in East Africa?


By Hellen Nanzia
The one thing these five bands have in common is the message in their music. Whether it is love, societal decay, political injustices or an artistic expression, the message is set to be thought-provoking. Forget the pop sensation and sexuality rotting our music industry today, this fresh sound will remind you what it’s like to listen to good music.

So we ask you, are these the guys to watch closely?

5. Solinga Music
Solinga Music is a Nakuru based band. Their recently launched single ‘Mziki Nawe’ is a true expression of the band’s love for music. They are currently working on their first studio album and Kenya can’t wait to hear what they have in store.

4. Yamoto band
Yamoto band are the newest kids on the block hailing from Tanzanian’s capital Dar es Salaam. Their sound, Bongo (the East African sound), combined with remarkable singing voices and outstanding writing skills this band is sure to Africa’s next big thing.

3. H_art the Band
H_art the Band is a Fresh Kenyan band out of Nairobi’s Poetry streets. They describe their sound as Afro-poetry a fusion of afro beats and poetry. The band mates met 8 years ago while doing poetry at the Kenya National Theater. Venturing into music in 2013 they captured the heart of Kenyans with their fresh authentic style of music. H_art the Band is going places, just sit back and watch or hear them go.

2. Sarabi band
Sarabi is an energetic eight-member band from different parts of Nairobi. Their message, which is mainly centered on social and political change is sure to capture your attention and keep it, the energy in their performance will move you. They have played several shows in and out of Africa; we look forward to Sarabi taking Kenyan Music to the next level.

1. Elani
Elani is not a new name to most Kenyans; this three-member band has proved that you don’t need sexuality to sell music in Kenya. Their soothing voices and purposeful message in their songs will blow you away. With more than four simultaneous hit singles off the album “Barua ya Dunia,” the future is brighter for Kenyan music.

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