April 20, 2019

Atwoli makes new announcement on Jubilee party primaries

The Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Kenya) Secretary General Francis Atwoli commended President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto for overseeing free and fair Jubilee Party primaries.

Mr Atwoli said that the two demonstrated true leadership during the exercise by not interfering even where their close allies lost.

“You two did well by switching off your phones and keeping off. Your Excellency, your deputy lost friends including in his neighbouring constituency Turbo where a Luhya carried the day amid a Kalenjin majority. There is no any democracy other than that,” he stated.

“Mr President you lost your closest friend – Jamleck Kamau – and you never intervened. That is the democracy we want and that is a precursor to peaceful elections,” he added.

Atwoli spoke during Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park on Monday (1/05/17).

During the celebrations, the government announced a minimum wage increment of 18 per cent for workers in a move calculated to caution low-income earners against the ravages of skyrocketing cost of living caused by high inflation rate that now stands at 11.48 percent.

President Uhuru announced the good news to Kenyan workers although he failed to meet the labour organisations’ demand of 22 per cent.

“We understand your daily struggles too and are working hard to tackle these challenges. We know that for two straight years, we have not increased the minimum wage. So, after consultation with key stakeholders, I have directed that the minimum wage be increased by 18 percent,” explained the President.

The Head of State also directed Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed to arrange a meeting with employers “to explore measures to cushion them from costs associated with non-labour factors.”

“I understand that you want to have more disposable income to be able to meet your families’ needs. I am aware the workers on the lower income bracket are struggling to afford basic necessities. It is not fair that they should be taxed heavily,” noted the President.

Uhuru also added that the government has streamlined the registration and management of foreign employment agencies.

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