June 17, 2019

Atheists in Kenya vow to sue Githu Muigai

By Jude Titus
Atheists have decided to sue Attorney General [AG] Githu Muigai after he suspended their registration on Saturday but they first need the AG to suspend them officially.
The association’s leader Harrison Mumia said that they were yet to receive an official letter from the AG but as soon as they get it, they will quickly move to court.
‘‘The suspension has not yet been made official. We are only getting this from media reports but if he makes it official then he should prepare for a major battle,’’ indicated Mumia.
Mr. Mumia added that they had a strong backing from top Lawyers in the country and were ready and armed to combat their deregistration.
The religious society after the registration of the group was very vocal and demanded that the AG should deregister the organization with immediate effect or resign from office.
‘‘It is foolhardy to act as if there is no God, and worse, to try to validate that theory by registering an association. It is ‘abominable and unconstitutional’ for the society to be registered. We demand that the society to be de-registered failure to which we will go to court as well as mobilize Kenyans across all faiths to the streets until our demands are met,’’ reiterated Stephen Ndichu, Vice chairperson of Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches.
The Atheist group did not spare the religious society and asked them to try and convert them instead of bashing their registration as a society.
‘‘I believe their role should be trying to convince non-believers into believing not criticizing people for exercising their rights. Let them contact AIK and try to convert us,’’ reiterated Mumia.
The Muslim community was not amused as well and criticized the registration, saying it breaches the constitution and mocks Kenya’s cultural and social norms.
The AG bowed to pressure on Saturday and ordered the immediate suspension of the group saying that the legality of the group will be determined later by the Supreme Court.
‘‘The suspension should be done until the propriety, legality and constitutionality of the registration is determined by the Supreme Court,’’ said the AG.

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