December 08, 2019



By Dennis Omukunde

For the commencement of any start up an entrepreneur ought to have the end goal in mind or a prospect of achieving his/her dreams for instance if he/she started with a kiosk the entrepreneur may look forward to having either a wholesale or a chain of supermarket. This is beginning with the ultimate goal in mind: the entrepreneur is eyeing what he/she will strive to achieve through the human resource employed to realize this noble dream.
For an entrepreneur he/she has perfectly sculpted the idea (vision) psychologically and has documented it in the business plan and in the business proposal concurrently. Sharing it with the employees makes them associates/partners to one’s business especially if the entrepreneur shares this integral information from the very onset of establishing the business or when he/she interacts with his/her employees. It creates an essence of recognition and association with ones employees to the business venture since they directly interact with customers and receive the feedback fast hand and may act upon it appropriately.

A pertinent question an entrepreneur ponders about pertains who is the right person for the job at stake and if he/she will steer one’s business to greater heights of success. In reference to the success that an entrepreneur is in pursuit of, it should be a direct reflection of the business vision especially to its customers and the market as a whole. Considering the fact we all relate to the conventional ways of employment i.e. writing application letters, shortlisting, interviewing and official confirmation. How about attempting a different way to have the best employees come on board, an observation made on well-known corporates some of which are conglomerates they build their human resource through training.

The process of hiring is rigorous and is time consuming but eventually it churns out smart professionals who slowly develop their proficiency. It starts by expression of intent from the prospective employee, who writes an application letter, attaches the required documents for perusal, among the prospective candidates who meet the required threshold they perform some tests either online or handwritten of which they center on a specific aspect depending on the corporates standing. For instance if it a media company the tests may be language oriented if it is an insurance company, banking institution or audit firm the tests may be arithmetically centered. For such an instance the prospective employees who have applied for the stated positions the corporate has a target to attain and through this it may realize it by absorbing them via an entry level and train them in the respective field they have applied once they meet the set conditions as they work and receive their remuneration. This creates a wider pool to harness the business potentials in all its respective aspects: sales & marketing, customer service, customer relations, accounting & finance, public relations and many others.

For an entrepreneur to embrace such a criteria to get the right employees, it will be prudent for him/her to set his/her record straight for what he/she is pursuant of from the prospective employee. Correspondingly, an employee should also state precisely what he/she is looking forward to. If they are in tandem and correlate such an employee is worth considering for the job. The entrepreneur may take the employee through the basics and the paces of the business as he/she outlines his/her vision for the business venture to the new entrants so that the commence their work with the end goal/vision in mind. This fosters professionalism and positive synergy towards attaining ones vision.

Also to affirm to ones employees may be through how he/she treats and relates with them as the proprietor of the business and on an individual level as human beings. Incentives such as availability of transport to and from work, adequate and inclusive medical cover, provisions for career growth and development. Having such a corporate culture that is employee centered it gears all the focus to achieving the vision of the corporate in view and preference of satisfying the customer’s needs and accruing the required profits for corporate growth. Likewise, to also maintain the necessary market share for a significant period of time until posterity. This is an approach may be considered a possibility of challenging convention and provision to increase employment through having the entrepreneur’s vision inculcated in his/her new employees minds from the very onset of their employment in the business venture

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