June 22, 2018

AMISOM Captures Key Port Town from Al-Shabaab


By Derrick Kiplagat
Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) together with the Kenya Defense forces (KDF) and the Somalia troops have captured the port town of Kuday from Al-Shabaab militants. A statement from the defense forces signed by Colonel David Obonyo, reveals that a major beach landing operation was carried out on Sunday at 4.30am in which several Al-Shabaab militants were killed.
The troops were also able to trace five armored vehicles used by the militants in their attacks and later destroyed them, they also retrieved ammunition in the operation. Kuday was the only remaining Al-Shabaab stronghold in Somalia and the militants used it for logistical preparations from where they launched attacks into Southern Sudan.
The town was also used as the gate way for contraband goods into Somalia. This comes just a week after the West Gate attack mastermind Adan Garar was killed in a US drone strike. Garar who met his death in the town of Bardhere is the highest ranking Al-Shabaab commander to be killed since the elimination of Ahmed Abdi Godane in 2014.
Even though the Kenya Defense Forces did not take part directly in the killing of Adan Garar, it played a big role in leaking intelligence to the US military who launched the drone strike. The capturing of Kuday has now weakened the Al-Shabaab base in the region and now the AMISOM has control over key port towns in what it terms as “sector two” of its assault on the terrorist group.

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