May 24, 2019

Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) Launches $65,421 Studio


By Telford Aduda

The Africa Digital Media Institute has launched an ultramodern sound production studio with a C24 desk at a cost of $ 65,421 (Ksh. 7 million). The studio has a recording section equipped with modern instruments. The launch took place on Saturday the 26th of September 2015 at the ADMI grounds along Ngong road.

During the event, the guest of honor, Mr. David Hunter who is a music producer and a graduate of the Berklee College of music in Boston, a singer, song writer, producer, music director and sound engineer took the participants through a half a day Master class for music producers and sound engineers.

In his speech, Mr. Hunter acknowledged, “You (Africa) have always been in the lead when it comes to creativity. You should take your rightful place as leader.” He also said that Africa’s position in the music industry has been hijacked.

According to Mr. Wilfred Kiumi, who is a founder and director at the ADMI, there are very few modern studios in Kenya and many people do work in a bedroom studio.


From left: Wilfred Kiumi- CEO ADMI, Mr. David Hunter speaking at the event and gives a demonstration, a captivated audience


“Our hope is to see good films out of Kenya,” said Mr. Kiumi, “We welcome people doing different projects in music,” he added.

According to DJ Somi who was also present at the launch, this is the beginning of something bigger in the music industry and he hopes it will help people appreciate the profession. He added that it is high time we view music as a profession.

Jack Ruster, a radio presenter at HomeBoyz radio, acknowledged that there are many musicians who does not know the science behind the sound. He said that the master’s classes could help many industry stakeholders and aspiring artists better understand the science behind quality music and sound production. He wished that the session would have been longer, and lauded the organizers for putting the event together.

With this facility in place, one can export projects from the Logic  to the Pro-tools. The Logic system is used for creation while the Pro-tools system is used in composing. The studio also has an ability to balance sound and it is anticipated that it will herald a new dawn in quality music and sound in the entertainment industry (Music, TV and film) in the region.

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