April 20, 2019

Abel Simiyu, Big Screen Entrepreneur


By Derrick Kiplagat

The Daystar Entrepreneurship Forum mainly focuses on university students who are running small businesses, developing business ideas and the innovative students who are looking to penetrate the competitive entrepreneurial world. The irony at the moment is that, not even a Master’s degree can guarantee you a job in Kenya.

Etaarifa was able to talk to some of the student entrepreneurs and almost all of them had the same feedback; they all have the urge to create self-employment, and one such entrepreneur is 23 year old Abel Simiyu.

Abel Simiyu is the Managing Director Pro-Motion Communications. The company is a brainchild of three different companies who merged to form it. Earlier, Simiyu used to run a company on his own, one that was involved in all sorts of production. Later, because of financial problems, he merged his company with at PR company called Kings Events and David Karani who had a photography company and together they formed the Pro-Motion Communications.

Pro-motions communications is comprised of three directors and deals with a number of activities including; Photography, Film, Branding, Design, Motion and also Public Relations.

Simiyu insists that it is the personal drive within him that provoked him to start the company alongside his colleagues. Apparently, many productions that are currently being aired on television slip through to the consumers with all sorts of errors giving them a raw deal in terms of quality and story content.

Simiyu adds that, being a production student, this gives him the anxiety to start the company and through creation of quality, creative, error free productions, he and his colleagues are going to make a complete difference in the TV and film production industry.

He was inspired by his uncle who once worked as news anchor before moving to production where he currently produces documentaries, which has proven lucrative. Like any other business owner, he goes through a number of challenges, majorly acquisition of equipment, and also replacing damaged equipment with new ones.

The one thing that makes him yearn to do more is when his work is credited. He feel highly motivated when a person views whatever he has produced and commends him. He is currently looking to establish a good rapport with the corporate world.


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