June 19, 2018

Ababu grilled by Powers and Privileges commitee


By Calvin Osiemo

Corruptions allegations levelled against Public Accounts Committee chairman Ababu Namwamba took a new turn yesterday after appearing before the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Committee headed by Kuresoi North MP Hon. Moses Cheboi.  The Budalangí Member of Parliament who has been on the spot arrived at the committee accompanied by at least 10 ODM members of parliament.


In the initial meeting, Mr Namwamba demanded that matters being investigated by the committee be set out and the proceedings be open to the public for scrutiny.  Ababu in the meeting finally released the famous audio recording that suggest members of his committee were compromised to doctor an audit report. In the recording, Ababu explains that Hon. Anyanga received 1.5 million shillings from Defence principle Secretary Mutea Iringo to clean a report that he had been adversely mentioned in.

In the recording, Hon. Anyanga who is a member of the Committee is accused of soliciting money from Iringo to be shared among the Members of the committee.

Namwamba on the other hand has shown discontent on how National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi is handling the matter. He claims that the speaker has shown too much interest regarding the issue which is under investigation.

“The Speaker is interfering with this matter. He is expressing too much interest in this matter.
I state right from the beginning that I am starting to get worried by the inordinate interests that the Speaker is showing in the work of this committee. Why would the Speaker keep on making reactionary or staccato rulings from the chair on matters under interrogation?”

This was in regard to a letter Hon. Namwamba had privately addressed to Muturi which was said to be preparing to respond to on the floor of the house against the wish of Namwamba.

Following the undergoing investigations, a section of members of parliament have asked the probe be extended to other house committees due to what they term as widespread corruption in the committees.

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