May 24, 2019

A Piece for Mama

old woman

By Vera Marion

She is a gift bestowed on us, a talent that we can use and make something out of her. But there can never be a greater gift like the gift of a mother. She comes to us in all manner and décor. Some are simple, some are suave, some are complicated, some are harsh, some are ‘softies’ but despite all these, they all come wrapped up in a colourful package filled with love.

When we feel weak and defeated, we run to her to find comfort in her feeble yet strong arms. In her eyes we see love. In her words we find wisdom. In her touch we find strength. In her presence we feel secure and alright, even when they are so unsure of what to do. We always find faith in her.

She is a gift that can be unwrapped at all times and every time we can find something new and better than the last. She is a home maker. A friend. A mother. Her strength is indescribable. She embraces that which brings good and breaks that which harms. Her mind is like a clock, always ticking, always thinking for the good of all that are around her, always thinking of the best that she can be. We may overlook how special she is, beauty, meekness, fairer in all things, yet she will always be a mother. She will never stop to be a mother even when we are toothless and as old as them, we will still find comfort in calling them ‘mum’.

To all the mothers, thank you for nurturing and molding us to who we are. Some of us may not be what they may want us to be, but loving us they still do and one thing that they never stop doing is pray for us and wishing us all the best.

For all those whose mothers are still with them, take time to thank and appreciate them for all that they have done. And for all those who’ve lost their mothers, may their memories keep holding them.

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers

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