November 16, 2018

8 people die in grisly road accident along Narok-Mai Mahiu Road

Eight people were confirmed dead and several others seriously injured after a grisly road crash along the Narok-Mai Mahiu Road on Friday (26/10/18).

The freak accident that shocked residents at Duka Moja area involved a matatu belonging to Transline Classic company and a lorry that was carrying fish.

According to witnesses, some of the passengers are said to have been school children.

A truck fitted with a drilling rig was also seen at the scene of the accident.

Circumstances surrounding the accident remain unclear.

The accident comes days after 60 people escaped death after a bus caught fire on the same road (Narok–Mai Mahiu Road).

Narok County Police Commander Thomas Ngeiywa said the Migori-bound bus burst into flames after having a tyre burst.

The police commander said the fire might have been caused by a mechanical problem on the bus belonging to Habari Njema Connection Company.

He said all passengers escaped unhurt but lost most of their belongings to the fire.

The wreckage of the bus was towed to Ntulele Police Station.

Road accidents in Kenya are a source of concern both locally and worldwide.

The establishment of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was motivated partly by the need to curb the high number of deaths on Kenyan Roads.

In addition to the personal costs that each person pays whenever an accident occurs, which sometime include loss of life, there is a high economic cost associated with road accidents.

The insurance sector bears the brunt of these losses since its goal is to provide insurance coverage for vehicles.

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